Quitting World of Warships: Stop Playing World of Warships (and World of Tanks)

Quitting World of Warships: Why you should stop playing World of Warships

Ok, the reason I published this post on my own web site is the inability to post any kind of criticism on official World of Warships forum. If you complain about anything regarding World of Warships (and also World of Tanks) on official Wargaming forum, you will get warning and penalty. Basically, you can not post any comment or mention any issues about your dissatisfying experience because you will be blocked and receive “penalty” for “Rule Violation”. So much of the democracy and the freedom of speech from Wargaming! I guess Wargaming thinks all players are from North Korea, Iran or some other autocratic country. LOL 

quitting world of warships stop playing world of warships

“Rule violation” and “warning” because any objective criticism ih prohibited.

So anyway, I will not waste my time any more on Wargaming forums, nor will I get blocked. I have the right to express my opinion. As a longtime player of World of Warships (and before that of World of Tanks which I quitted playing for basically the same reason as World of Warships), I think I have every right to express my thoughts without any censorships or “warning”.  

I don’t accept any censorships towards dissatisfied players. And believe me, there are many, many dissatisfied players of WOWS of whom large number already stopped playing, so that’s why I am writing this article. To bring up everything that is wrong with this game and to warn present and future players. Because many players invest much of their time (and money) into this game only to find out that it is actually unplayable

This is the main reason why I stopped playing World of Warships:

World of Warships MM / win chance is TOTALLY UNBALANCED

Unbalanced and broken match making (MM) is the main reason for quitting World of Warships and why you should stop playing this horrible game. This is also the reason I got “warning” from Wargaming forum because I mentioned this and I wrote I quit the game. Wargaming is obviusly very scared of any kind of criticism regarding this issue. Because unbalanced and broken MM is the main reason why so many players quit World of Warships.

leaving world of warships

You can sail your ship, but for a long periods of time you can hardly win…

So what is it about? It’s very simple. In World of Warships there are 12 players in your team and 12 players in enemy team. It’s not a single player game and you can not win alone. Your victories and defeats largely depend on other players skills.

MM or matchmaking decides which players are on the each team. And what is the most important, it decides your WIN CHANCE, based on average number of victories and defeats of players in both teams.

So for example, if your team’s average win chance is 35%, and enemy team win chance is 65%, basically you have a thin chance to win because your team really sucks. Even if you play very well, very skilled, it doesn’t matter. You can not win in this game alone. So…

WIN CHANCE statistics de facto decides which team wins and which team loses.

world of warships

Another defeat? Nothing new. It would be a miracle for some players to actually win the battle.

If win chances were balanced (no more than 45-55% span), then you could impact the results of the game by smart play. And you could really enjoy the game. But that is not the case! Many players experience long series of defeats (10, sometimes even 15 defeats in a row) because the enemy teams often get much higher probability to win.

stop playing world of warships

You can play, but you can’t win with team mates like this.

So quitting World of Warships is really smart decision and the best you can do regarding this horribly unbalanced gameplay. If your victories and defeats depend on your bad or good luck, then better don’t play it because in time you will feel very frustrated. And that is not the purpose of the game. You should enjoy the game and feel nice playing it.

Do Yourself a Favor: Stop Playing World of Warship

Many players already quit playing this game so it’s not surprise that the number of WOWS players constantly decreases. And they did the right thing. If you don’t mind that your wins or defeats depend on the unbalanced match making, they enjoy. And many believe that World of Warships MM is not completely random, but there are some pattern cycles that cause players to end up with bad teams over certain periods of time, especially later in the game.

Some think that scheme is like this: when you begin playing, MM is largely favorite to you. You win many battles (although you play very badly) so that you keep playing and eventually get hooked! When you are the seasoned player, you get more and more bad teams and much lower win chances. Eventually, you end up losing like 6:1 ratio. No matter what you do, you lose almost every game.

Is World of Warships rigged or not? Nobody knows for sure, but many believe MM is not random at all…


My advice to you is to stop playing World of Warships and find another game. You will save so much time and possibly money because eventually you will probably quit anyway. And what is the most important, you will avoid terrible gaming experience and you will not feel frustrated when you lose 15 battles after playing very well, just because you got low, unbalanced win chance thanks to other people’s poor playing skills and, to put it mildly, “weird” MM.

I know there are many players with very low playing skills, but that’s totally OK. It’s not their fault. Many players are novices and many players play WOWS very casually. It’s Wargaimg’s fault that game’s MM and win chance system is totally and horribly unbalanced.

Captain with maximum rank, but you lose the battles all the same…

And also the Wargaming’s GREED… I don’t mind premium ships, I don’t mind premium accounts, but I do mind for example that you must pay when you move every captain from lower tier to next tier ship. That’s terrible. It means you can’t progress at all if you don’t pay money every time when you play next ship, or you will get stucked with endless grinding for “retraining”. If you want to change captain skills, you also must pay “gold”. And in high tier games you often lose “credits” even with premium account. Wargaming’s GREED is just insatiable.

In fact, World of Warships is not a free game. By my experience, it is a VERY, VERY EXPENSIVE GAME (premium accounts, premium ships, doubloons, gold, credits, containers, signal flags etc.). If you don’t spend any money, you progress very hard and very slow and it’s almost impossible to play game with tier 9 or 10 ships without spending any money.  So I think this game shouldn’t be called a “free game”. That’s false advertising. It’s not some cosmetic or minor changes that you can pay for. Basically, you must pay for playing it properly. Free is just a demo of the game, and full game potentials are very costly.

But I wouldn’t mind even that if the game was balanced. What is the most bad about this game is that eventually leaves long time players frustrated because of horrible gaming experince.

Quitting World of Warships is the best thing you can do

Are you thinking about quitting World of Warships? You should do that. Do yourself a favor and stop playing World of Warships because Wargaming obviously doesn’t plan to fix highly unbalanced MM and win chances in battles. And if you complain about it, you will get a “penalty”. LOL

What a terrible and ungrateful attitude toward players…

World of Warships sucks

Playing WOWS often feels like playing with third rate Bulgarian soccer team vs Barcelona. Just don’t expect to win much.


And by the way this is the post for which I got “warning” and “penalty” from Wargaming. You can evaluate for yourself is there is anything offensive or bad in this post for which I should get “penalty”. But obviously Wargaming doesn’t allow any serious criticism. Free speech is something that is clearly prohibited in the official Wargaming forums.


MM system is horrific, totally broken. In last 30 or so battles I had very, very low win chances and 20% win rate. I’ve been thrown to teams with horrendous play skills almost non-stop. I only won when I achieved 100 + DMG. And I played mostly tier 6 – 8 ships.

I mean what is the chance to lose 26 battles of 30, even if I am the worst player in the world, and I am not. Statistically if you have a team of 15 players it’s impossible to lose on such a scale. It’s only because of MM which is totally broken, purposely throwing players to very very low win chances for some period of time.

Anyway, just like World of Tanks, the game is totally unbalanced, MM is a joke and I will not losing time on games like this any more. You don’t win and you don’t lose, it’s MM that decides if you win and lose and honestly I am sick of this game and Wargaming. I am so glad I uninstalled it, I will find another, more player friendly and more balanced game. World of Warships is such a waste of time.

Good bye.


World and Warships and World of Tanks are very frustrating games

This game on the surface seems cool. It has nice graphics and interesting historic ships. You can actually learn some historic facts. But also has a HUGE DOWN SIDE, which is that you have to play among the others the entire time. And then eventually, sooner or later, you will almost constantly play with bad teams who are truly brainless and dumb. Unabalanced match making decides your victories and defeats no matter how well you play, and you end up getting frustrated.

For the most of the time whatever you do in battle does not matter. Thats why so many players quit.

If you are playing World of Warships, my advice to you is just delete this shit and never look back. And it’s the same thing and the same problem with World of Tanks! After 9 k battles I just quit playing both of the them. And I felt so relieved when I stoped being part of Wargaming’s shit.

I have found much better games and frankly I think that the vast majority of “team games” or multiplayer games suck. World of Warships and World of Tanks are the most obvious examples what is wrong with these kind of games when you are forced into unbalanced team play.

Stick to some good single player game or find some balanced multiplayer, although the latter are very rare. World of Warships and World of Tanks are definatelly the most frustrating games I have ever played.



  • Quitting World of Warships and quitting World of Tanks is the best choice you can make
  • World of Warships and World of Tanks are very unbalanced games
  • These games only cause frustration and are not fun


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